Steamy Excerpt – A Path of Petals by M.A. Stacie

Following the path of petals could lead to the path of your future.

Griffin Holt arrives in England intent on selling his deceased father's house and returning to America as soon as possible. Griffin is a workaholic, annoyed at this forced change of routine. When he gets lost and can't find the guest house he should be staying in his frustration multiplies. He follows a constant line of blossom trees, hoping to find at least one signpost. Instead, he encounters an odd, bohemian woman twirling in the road and showing no signs of moving.

Rain Teslar knows who the man in the car is, the whole town does and they've been waiting for years for him to return. He just doesn't realize it.

Rain instantly strikes up a friendship with him, though it isn't reciprocated at first. Each day her carefree nature annoys him a little bit less, and her help with unraveling the secrets of his past has him seeking her comfort. However, if Griffin's new life is to be a fresh start, changes have to be made—changes neither of them are willing to make.

Content Warning: Contains moments of cuteness that will make you swoon, along with sexy interludes that will increase your temperature. Also uses random, amusing British slang.


* * * * * * * *

"They don't have to," Rain replied, lowering her voice. "You just need to handle me with care."

Smiling, Griffin pressed his lips to hers. It was slow and gentle, never pushing too hard, and as their lips mated their hands explored. He stroked her back, squeezing when he reached her bottom and lifting her leg to hook over his hip. He pressed his growing hardness against her, eliciting a gasp that his tongue captured. It was intoxicating but far too gentle. Rain felt like a coiled spring, the power waiting to erupt. He'd fought to keep his dirty thoughts at bay, reminding himself that they would be gone soon. It hadn't worked.

His tongue slid into her mouth; her dress rising to expose every inch of her thighs. It was only when his fingers smoothed up to trace the elastic of her underwear that he felt the first drop of rain on his skin. She didn't seem to notice, either that or she simply didn't care. He deepened the seduction, angling his head so that he devoured her mouth, and rolled his hips against her. She pushed back, forcing the connection between his hardness and the needy flesh between her thighs. It caused Griffin to tear his mouth from hers, groaning but rocking his hips in a silent demand. The rain was beginning to pelt down harder, starting to soak through their clothes. His brain was fogged by lust, the ability to complain or to demand they go indoors lost.

"What're we doing, sugar?" he asked, cupping her face in his hands.

"We're kissing in the rain, Mr. Holt. Bet you've never done that before either."

Her thighs clenched around his hips, eliciting another grunt. She giggled, pushing at his chest and jumping up when he rolled off her. They were both drenched now; the blanket soaking up the mud of the lawn. Griffin frowned up at her as she held her arms out and began to spin, just as she'd done in the lane on his first day. He watched her, mesmerized. He adjusted the tent in his sweats, though he didn't try to hide it. She'd already felt it, so it would be futile. He blinked when she towered over him, trying to see her in between the raindrops.

"Come with me." She sighed, holding out her hand. "I want to show you something."

"Really?" He cocked a brow. "And will I like what you have to offer?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Holt. Though you never know what I'll expose if you're a good boy."

Griffin jumped up, taking her hand. Thoughts of the renovation were forgotten as he let her lead him away from the house.

* * * * * * * *

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