Steamy Excerpt – A Heart's Endeavor by Mary Wehr

There are times when it's best to allow your heart to overrule your head.

Being diagnosed with depression not only messed up Melanie Manning's life, but her marriage as well. Her husband made it very clear that he considered her "damaged goods" and he didn't have time to coddle a mentally ill wife. After his sudden death, Melanie knew she was destined to be alone. Loneliness sounded a hell of a lot better than exposing her illness to another man. Her self-esteem couldn't survive another blow.

When state trooper Jack Horan meets Melanie, the attraction is immediate. Her deep blue eyes make him weak in the knees, but those eyes also hold a hint of sadness. Jack is determined to wipe away her pain, but how can he do that when Melanie refuses to let him get close to her?

Can Melanie learn to face her fears and trust her heart in the hands of another man?

Content Warning: some strong language, spanking, and sex play with a piece of fruit wielded by a hot guy in uniform.


* * * * * * * *

Mel's heart beat a furious tattoo all the way home. She couldn't wait to see Jack. The last few hours at work seemed to drag on forever. She pulled into her driveway and saw him leaning against his Durango. His arms were folded over his chest and his legs were crossed at the ankles. He pushed away from the vehicle and was by her side as soon as she switched off the ignition. He opened her car door and held out his hand. Mel placed her hand in his and allowed him to pull her to her feet. He fit his body flush with hers.

Mel basked in the warmth of solid muscle and sinew. He smelled so good and felt even better. She rubbed her lower body against the hard bulge pressing against her belly. A low growl reached her ears. She threw back her head and asked innocently, "Is there a problem, officer?"

Jack narrowed his eyes. "You know damn well there's a problem, young lady." He pushed her gently in front of him and smacked her on the behind. "That's for teasing me." They reached the front door and he drew her to a stop. He cupped her jaw and kissed her mouth. "Hmm, you taste like vanilla." He licked her throat and nibbled at her ear. "All over."

Mel grew hotter by the minute. That smack on her butt had not only warmed her backside, but had the pulse between her legs doing a tango. She angled her head to one side so he had better access to her skin. "All over?" she asked breathlessly.

Jack switched his attentions to her other ear. "Yep, all over, and as a matter of fact, I'd like to reacquaint myself with that taste." He continued to ply her throat with kisses. "I'm hungry." Those two little words sent a pierce of white hot heat to Mel's womb. "Come on, let's go inside. I can't wait to get my hands on you and my mouth on your sweet flesh. Then I want to make love you."

Oh God. Mel fumbled with her keys. Her heart pounded with such force it was a wonder it didn't pop out of her chest. The minute she unlocked the door Jack yanked her inside and backed her against the wall. With one hand he captured both her wrists and pinned them high above her head. He slammed his mouth onto hers and slid his knee between her legs.

A myriad of sensations assaulted her body, but Mel centered her attention on the solid length of muscle wedged against her vagina. She arched her back and pressed closer to his heat.

"That's it, baby." Jack's breath fanned her ear. "Rub that sexy body against mine." He ground his thigh against hers. "Come on, show me how much you want me to make love to you."

Mel's breath came out harsher and harsher at his coarse language. Higher and higher she climbed. "Oh God, Jack. I'm coming." She let out a wail as a wash of fluid flooded her panties. Her knees buckled, and she would have fallen if not for Jack's strong arm around her waist.

He hurried her into the kitchen and pulled her shirt over her head. With nimble fingers he unhooked her bra and cupped her breasts. He suckled her nipples. Mel had barely enough strength to lift her arms and lock her fingers around his neck. She held on for dear life as he lavished her breasts with his tongue.

"I have to taste you again, Mel. Please, let me taste you again."

* * * * * * * *

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