January Book Reviews

Macy’s Awakening by Pepper Anthony received

a "B" from Interracial Romance Book Reviews
"This was a definite page turner."

Be My Everything by Ella Jade received

5 Ravens from Blackraven's Reviews
"Be My Everything by Ella Jade is a true winner."

4 kisses from Two Lips Reviews
"Ella Jade writes an engaging D/s tale of one woman’s journey of submission in Be My Everything."

Amber’s Muse by Lacey Wolfe

Donna at You Gotta Read Reviews says:
"Amber’s Muse is a great story, very easy to read with good descriptions, seductive dialect and electrifying sex scenes."

Fool Me Once by Lacey Wolfe received

4 from Book Wenches
"Fool Me Once is a cute and entertaining story that will keep the reader engrossed from page one."

Erotica For All says Fool Me Once is:
"…well-written, tense and sexy in all the right places"

Barely Dreaming by Stephanie Beck received

4.5 stars from Long and Short Reviews
"Barely Dreaming is an intense story of love, action and mystery that really makes an impact."

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