At the Beach series by the Beachwalk Press authors

Starting tomorrow, some of the amazing authors of Beachwalk Press are doing a round-robin storytelling tour.

Each author will be posting a micro-novel at their own blog. Once a week they'll post 100-500 words of the book until it is complete.

When all the stories are done, they'll be combined into a single download, which will be available for free here at the Beachwalk Press website.

Here is a schedule with links for where you can find the stories and the dates they will begin posting:

1/5/12 – Patricia Bates
1/6/12 – Lacey Wolfe
1/7/12 – Tamaria Soana
1/8/12 – Ella Jade
1/9/12 – Theresa Stillwagon
1/15/12 – Kaylie Newell

We hope you'll join our authors on this new and exciting adventure!

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